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Anonymous: You look so great! I've followed you for a long time and I'm not sure but I think I notice a transformation! I'm sure you get this a lot but could you perhaps explain your take on the 801010 diet again? Also, do you have any tips on how to stop counting calories? I feel like I'm trapped in a destructive way of thinking of food, despite being so motivated especially by your blog. :) I wrote to you a long time ago, and have since gone vegan and started exercising regularly! So, thank you! ♡ ☆彡


Hi! It’s so nice to hear someone is still reading my blog! It’s great to hear you’re exercising and eating well!! Keep it up :) 

As for counting calories - trust me, I have been there - it is the worst possible thing you can do!! Firstly it doesn’t help you loose weight - this is because calories are absorbed different based on what type of food they are from. Basic example - highly refined and processed food go straight through you as there are no nutrients left for your body to absorb - generally it just gets stored as fat. Whole unrefined foods take a long time to be processed by your body because there’s so much goodness to get out of them! This also keeps you fuller for longer. Secondly, it’s really unhealthy to obsess about a number which is at the end of the day pretty arbitrary. 

How do you stop counting? well, it depends what you’re doing now. I used to track my cals by using apps on my phone - so I simply deleted them all! (let me know what you’re doing and I can help you find a solution)

As for 801010 I’m just transitioning into it so I still have lots to learn, but so far I’m loving it. I’m not 100% raw by any means! I’m about 70-80% raw but the important thing is I apply the 801010 principles to my cooked food as well. There are LOADS of awesome videos about 801010 online and great books, I’ll make a page soon with a list of the best ones. 

Hope at least some of this was helpful! 

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I have been vegetarian on and off for over 5 years now. Yet, I always fall back into eating meat, eggs and dairy.. I’ll admit, this is mostly due to the pressure I feel not only from friends and family, but society as a whole. Which makes me sad, cause it reveals I am a weak person at the core.

BUT. After starting to read into it again, finding old books, and rediscovering bloggers and websites that I used to love, I’m giving it one more crack! No matter how many times you fall in life, you must pick yourself up again, even if it’s the 1,000th time…

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